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Raggio & Raggio is a nationally-recognized leader in divorce and family law, providing quality legal services
in Dallas, Texas and throughout North Texas and Texas, as well as influencing law-making at the highest policy levels.

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Dallas Divorce Courts' Mediation Policies
The Psychological Divorce--excerpt from highly praised book
This psychological divorce chapter is different from the other chapters in the book which are about things like property division, child support, and cohabitation, which law school gives one tools to handle. Law school does not train one to be a psychologist. I respect the generalizations that mental health professionals make about marriage and divorce, and frequently use their materials in advising clients and often send them to mental health professionals. But I limited this chapter instead to what I could say was true from my own experiences and left the rest to the mental health professionals.
2011 New Legislation - New Texas Family Laws
Family Law had much needed changes in the law passed by the Texas Legislature in 2011. Some were major extensions to existing law (spousal support) and some were needed additions to family law (for example, fraud on the community and paternity fraud). There were other statutes passed that affected the family law practice including some that were not necessarily designed as a family law bill but have an impact on family law. The legislative process, including a brief history of Family Law in Texas and the vital service performed by the Texas Family Law Foundation is explained. Finally, there is a set of proposed bills to be submitted to the Legislature in January.
Mediation in Divorce Prevents Bloody Fights
Recently, there has been significant national attention paid to efforts in a number of states, including Illinois, Iowa and Michigan, to repeal blanket no-fault divorce laws and re-establish fault as a necessary ground for divorce, particularly when only one party wants the divorce and when the marriage has lasted more than 10 years and/or minor children are involved. Most divorce Judges routinely order mediation in most cases.

Thank you for protecting my interests and that of my children through the divorce process. I can’t thank you enough for your hard word, diligence and tenacity. You’re truly the best!


Ken, thank you for taking such fine care of me in my divorce. You were right about everything! [My ex-husband] is closer to the children than ever – and [my children] are richer and happier for that.


Ken Raggio came in after my collaborative divorce in Collin County was supposedly settled and took immediate steps to resolve our dispute without having to go to court. I am grateful for his quick, efficient, effective, and decisive actions.

Dr. S.B., M.D.

I would recommend Barbara Van Duyne to my family, friends and associates because I know she would represent them with the same energy and care that she would show one of her own family members.